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RUBYs Our first sighting takes us to the island paradise of Maui, Hawaii. Ruby's has built a wonderful 40's-style diner at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului, Maui. If you have ever been to a Ruby's Diner you know that the food is fantastic, but what is of interest about this diner to Clipper aficionados is the decor. Surrounding the centerpiece - a B314 with a 16 foot wingspan - are Pan American Airways memorabilia and photographs. Also, models of many other period aircraft are mounted on the walls. Boeing 314 - Ruby's When on Maui, be sure to make Ruby's Diner a part of your Hawaii experience. As at all Ruby's diners, the staff are outstanding examples of what service is and was all about. It's a great trip back in time for all ages.



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