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0785810439 Wings Over Water: A Chronicle Of The Flying Boats And Amphibians Of The Twentieth Century

David Oliver

From the pioneering beginnings of Glenn Curtiss and Britains' Short Brothers, through the Golden Age and up to the present day, Wings over Water is a stunning showcase celebrating the role of flying boats, seaplanes, and amphibians. It is packed with informative features, aircraft biographies and specifications, and cutaway illustrations revealing the big boats in all their glory. Travel the first air routes to Africa and Australia on Britains' Empire C-Class flying boat and to South America and the orient on the Pan American clippers.

Seaplanes and amphibians are photographed and detailed in their wartime roles as submarine hunters, long-range maritime reconnaissance platforms, and rescue vessels. Rarely seen new projects, such as the 1,000 passenger flying boat and the unique flying wing air taxi will be revealed for the first time.

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Format: Hardcover  128pp
ISBN: 0785810439
Publisher: Book Sales, Inc
Pub. Date: September 1999
Item No: 1043-9

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