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0752415379BOEING: Images of America
Martin W. Bowman
FlyingClippers Price $13.59 — Item #9780752415376

1888962216Captain Lodi Speaking: Saying Goodbye to an Era
Captain Marius Lodeesen
FlyingClippers Price $27.00 — Item #1888962224

9780979085734China Clipper: A Nick Grant Adventure
Jamie Dodson
FlyingClippers Price $9.50 — Item #9780979085734

1888962151The Company We Kept
Jay Koren
FlyingClippers Price $30.00 — Item #1209-5

9780786428205China Clipper, Pan American Airways And Popular Culture
Larry Weirather
FlyingClippers Price $36.95 — Item #9780786428205

0828320268Escape of the Pacific Clipper
George L. Flynn
FlyingClippers Price $16.95 — Item #2026-8

9781426202902Fly Now! A Colorful Story of Flight from Hot Air Balloon to the 777 "Worldliner"
Joanne Gernstein London
FlyingClippers Price $14.35 — Item #9781426202902

9780979085727Flying Boats & Spies: A Nick Grant Adventure
Jamie Dodson
FlyingClippers Price $9.50 — Item #9780979085727

0562-XLast Of The Flying Clippers: The Boeing B-314 Story
M. D. Klaαs
FlyingClippers Price $53.95 — Item #9780764305627

0762-3Looping The Loop: Posters of Flight
Henry Serrano Villard, Willis M., Jr Allen and Willis M. Allen Jr.
FlyingClippers Price $32.00 — Item #9780967007625

Memories of My LifeMemories of My Life with Pan American Airways
Eugene J. Dunning
FlyingClippers Price $19.95 — Item #1394-0

9780979085741Mission: Shanghai: A Nick Grant Adventure
Jamie Dodson
FlyingClippers Price $9.50 — Item #9780979085741

1585009091Murder In Lisbon
Sidney F. Davis
FlyingClippers Price $14.57 — Item #9781585009091

0451173139Night Over Water
Ken Follett
FlyingClippers Price $8.10 — Item #9780451173133

9780451211477Night Over Water
Ken Follett
FlyingClippers Price $11.66 — Item #9780451211477

0888962127PAN AFRICA: Across the Sahara in 1941 with Pan Am
Tom Culbert & Andy Dawson
FlyingClippers Price $27.00 — Item #0888962127

0896723577PAN AM PIONEER: A Manager's Memoir from Seaplane Clippers to Jumbo Jets
Sanford Kauffman / Edited by George Hopkins
FlyingClippers Price $23.36 — Item #9780896723573

1888962267Riding the Reef: A Pan American Adventure with Love
Bert Voortmeyer and Carol Nickisher
FlyingClippers Price $27.00 — Item #1888962267

911868917Talking To The World From Pan Am's Clippers
Francis Allan Chapman
FlyingClippers Price $17.56 — Item #6891-7

9781888962253White Gloves to Washington: A Capital Experience
Pat Powers Rothacker
FlyingClippers Price $27.00 — Item #9781888962253

0785810439Wings Over Water: A Chronicle of the Flying Boats and Amphibians of the Twentieth Century
David Oliver, Debbie Foy (Editor)
FlyingClippers Price $14.39 — Item #1043-9

0933126611Wings to the Orient: A Pictorial History Pan American Clipper Planes 1935 to 1945
Stan Cohen
FlyingClippers Price $11.96 — Item #2661-1

Pan Am Clipper


1888962046Charles Lindbergh: An Airman, his Aircraft, and his Great Flights
R.E.G. Davies
FlyingClippers Price $27.00 — Item #1888962046

60306813920Howard Hughes: The Untold Story
Peter H. Brown and Pat H. Broeske
FlyingClippers Price $13.95 — Item #9780306813924

1591145104Howard Hughes: Aviator
George J. Marrett
FlyingClippers Price $19.55 — Item #4510-4


Pan Am Clipper



6424-9Airline Artistry: Vintage Posters & Publicity
Don Thomas
OUT OF PRINT — Item #6424-9

9780760313954The Art of the Airways
Geza Szurovy
OUT OF PRINT — Item #9780760313954

0738812773As Pistons Flew
Jane A. Gottschall
OUT OF PRINT — Item #1277-3

1552095991Book Of Flight: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Judith E. Rinard
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #9599-1

1888962240British Airways: An Airline and Its Aircraft • Volume 1: 1919-1939 The Imperial Years
R.E.G. Davies
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #1888962240

1888962216Canton Island: Aerial Crossroads of the South Pacific
Carl Oates
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #6221-6

1888962232The Chelyuskin Adventure
R.E.G. Davies with Yuri Salnikov
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #1888962232
0962648361By Dead Reckoning
Ralph Lewis
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4836-1

1209-5China Clipper: The Age of the Great Flying Boats
Robert L. Gandt
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #1209-5

0765303221Conquerors Of The Sky
Thomas Fleming
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0332-1

1888962194Eastern: An Airline and its Aircraft (From the Great Sliver Fleet to the Shuttle)
R.E.G. Davies
FlyingClippers Price $0.00 • OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

0962648353Fallacies And Fantasies Of Air Transport History
R.E.G. Davies
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

0962648388Fasten Your Seat Belts! History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin
Valerie Lester
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

0760306214Fix On The Rising Sun: The Clipper Hi-jacking of 1938 and the Ultimate M.I.A.'s
Charles N. Hill
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0363-8

0621-4sm.gif - 5582 BytesFlying Boats & Seaplanes: A History from 1905
Stephane Nicolaou
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0621-4

0609605534If We Had Wings: The Endring Dream of Flight
Rinker Buck
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0553-4

6207-0The Long Way Home: Captain Ford's Epic Journey
Ed Dover
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #6207-0
This title may be reprinted in the future.

6425-7sm.jpg - 9905 BytesNostalgia Artistica
Don Thomas
OUT OF PRINT — Item #6425-7

6420-6sm.GIF - 5090 BytesNostalgia Panamericana
Don Thomas
OUT OF PRINT — Item #6420-6

6580-XPacific Clipper: The Untold Story
Albert S. J. Tucker and Matthew W. Paxton with Eugene Dunning
OUT OF PRINT — Item #6580-X

Pan AmPAN AM: An Aviation Legend
Barnaby Conrad III
OUT OF PRINT — Item #2755-5

0738505528PAN AM: Images of Aviation
Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly
OUT OF PRINT — Item #0552-8

888962003Pan Am's First Lady: The Diary of Betty Stettinius Trippe
Betty Stettinius Trippe
OUT OF PRINT — Item #6200-3

9781550464764Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats
James Trautman
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #9781550464764

0027-4Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: A Pictorial History of Pan Am's First Flights 1935-1945
Jon E. Krupnick
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0027-4

0076-2Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story
Jon E. Krupnick
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0027-4

1888962186Poor Sailor's Airline: The Story of Kenny Friedkin's Pacific Southwest Airlines
Gary Kissel
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

6422-2Poster Art Of The Airlines
Don Thomas
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

0752411101SIKORSKY: Images of America
John W. R. Taylor
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #4838-8

1888962119Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am
Robert Gandt
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #6211-9

0807579475Timmy Rides The China Clipper
Carol Nay
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #7947-5

188896216XTWA: An Airline and its Aircraft/a>
R.E.G. Davies
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #6216-X
voice of my peersVoices Of My Peers: Clipper Memories
Eugene J. Dunning
OUT-OF-PRINT — Item #0000-1


Pan Am Clipper



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