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As Pistons Flew
So Turns the World

Jane A. Gottschall

What was it like to fly internationally as crew on piston aircraft in the 1940's and 1950's; to see everything from volcanic eruptions in Central America to the fiery Frank Sinatra going to Spain; to shop in the ancient Damascus market or the famous Tokyo "Ginza"; to meet famous people from Marilyn Monroe to Bob Hope?

It was everything from landing in the Guatemala jungles, flying through hurricanes, witnessing rebellions, seeing wonders of art near the Seine and the Tiber, observing African tribal dances and enjoyments in the Pacific Islands.

Accommodations? Home was an apartment in New York's Greenwich Village to San Francisco's Russian Hill, but hotels after WW2 could be rooms without baths in London to a buri hut in Fiji.

Born, bred and schooled in New Orleans, Louisiana, from Lusher Grammar to Newcomb College, the author tried to join the WAVES during World War 2 and was told she was too young. She later became one of the first women to fly as a cabin attendant with the international airline, Pan American World Airways, in the days before jets.

1. Aircraft Down
2. Eternally Spring
3. Embassy Party
4. Antigua
5. Home and Out Again
6. Eruptions and Hurricanes
7. Mexico
8. Key Episodes
9. New Orleans, Farewell
10. Brownsville
11. Panama
12. Over and Out
13. Goodbye, Texas
14. Miami Flights
15. Rio de Janeiro
16. Buenos Aires and Back
17. San Juan—New York Shuttles
18. Rebels and Radicals
19. L.A.D. New York
20. Decisions, Decisions
21. Atlantic Division
22. Across Europe
23. Asia
24. By Way of Rome
25. New York, New York
26. Portugal and Spain
27. Accra
28. Johannesburg
29. Ireland
30. Italy
31. France
32. Middle East
33. Then Delhi
34. Decade End
35. Boeing Stratocruiser
36. Sinatra
37. Other Celebrities
38. Attempts
39. Vacation Time
40. Vacation Ends
41. Former AOA Flights
42. London Temporarily
43. Hong Kong via Bangkok
44. New Developments
45. Different Strokes
46. Office Work
47. Back On Line
48. Year's End
49. Bad Times
50. Cross Country
51. Pacific-Alaska Division
52. Beyond the Reef
53. Manila
54. Tokyo, Japan
55. By Way of Guatemala
57. Burlingame
58. High and Low Tide
59. San Francisco
60. Fiji and Down Under
61. So Turns the World
62. Why is it so?

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Format: Paperback,  259pp
ISBN: 0738812773
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Pub. Date: 1998
Item No: 1277-3

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