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Talking to the World from Pan Am's Clippers

FRO Francis Allan Chapman

Flight Radio Officer Frank Chapman tells what it was like in the early days of commercial aviation when flying boats ruled the air. Illustrated throughout.


Biography of Juan Trippe

. 1. First Stop Havana
2. A Young Man Named Francis
3. Why FRO's Were Needed:
Captain Fatt's Crash
4. I'm Hired, Met Flo
5. Exciting Taring On New Planes
6. Flying Down To Rio
7. Sammy The Hero, Left Plane Last
8. Romancing Florence Ann Rodgers
9. A Real Spy Story: Delousing SCADTA
10. Honeymooning in Rio
11. Landing In A Cow Pasture
12. St. Peter Hadn't Called Bivens Yet
13. Prado's Scary Flight:
Rio-Buenos Aires
14. Rio's Scary Flying But I'm Ecstatic:
Son Allan Arrived Aug. 4, 1941
15. Joined Flo, Baby Allan in New York
16. World War II Began, Atlantic Flights
17. In Love With Fascinating Lisbon
18. Started 100 Flights Across Atlantic
19. Stormy North Atlantic To Foynes
20. Captain Sullivan's Lisbon Crash:
Son Kenneth Arrived May 28, 1943
21. The Navy Calls
22. PAA Flies FDR To Casablanca
23. Whitaker Remembered Atlantic Flying
24. B314 Engine Change in Bolama:
PAA Hired Jeanne Elise As Stewardess
25. Willmott's, Liese's Memories: My Navy Trips
26. Death of Iscar On China Clipper
27. Lockheed L049 Connie Delivery:
Miami Seaplane Base Closed
28. East to Karachi
29. First International Clipper Landed
30. My Inaugural Flight to Johannesburg:
Atlantic Skippers Listed
31. San Francisco Calling:
Developing the Pacific
32. China Clipper's Inaugural FLight
33. North to Fairbanks
34. The Pacific to Hong Kong and Tokyo
35. Sad Parting But Good Job Hunting
36. Personal: Family and Church
A Simple Tribute to Florance Ann


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Format: Paperback, 128pp.
ISBN: 0911868917
Publisher: Carstens Publications
Pub. Date:
Item No: 6891-7

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