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Clipper Dispatch
Memories of My Life with Pan American Airways

Eugene J. Dunning

Eugene J. Dunning started as a Flight Steward flying aboard the famed “China Clipper” in 1942. By 1947, he was the Supervisor of Flight Service Training for the Pacific Division. In 1950, he became Supervisor for the Nisei Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. The year 1955 brought about a change for Mr. Dunning. He was sent across country to New York, where he was Supervisor at the Headquarters for Pan Am and later, Manager of Flight Service Training.

In 1956, Gene made many trips to Miami, Florida to set up the Stewardesses College. Gene had two more assignments before returning to flight in 1972. One was as Manage of Flight Service Training, (Port Steward and Commissary Training) in 1967; and the other as Director of Traffic and Sales Training, Americas (Canada and the United States, Central and South America). Gene retired from Pan Am in 1985.

Although the old Pan Am is no longer flying, Gene’s love and devotion for Pan Am and its family remain a major part of his life. He published a book, Voices of My Peers, in 1996, in which members of the Pan Am family contributed their memories of experiences with Pan Am. This book relates his own memories and experiences. He resides in Grass Valley, California.

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Format: Paperback  87pp
ISBN: 000000000
Publisher: Self-Published
Pub. Date: 2005
Item No: 1394-0

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