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Clipper Dispatch
Voices of My Peers
Clipper Memories

Eugene J. Dunning

In Voices of My Peers, Eugene Dunning has collected hundreds of stories from the employees of Pan American flight crews, office workers, execuitives, maintenance, traffic and sales personnel to name a few. He asked them to contribute that one story that will live in their memory forever. Voices of My Peers, Clipper Memories are those stories.
Forward to the Pan American Story
. 1. Stories from Clipper Pioneer Newsletters
2. Flying Boats
3. Land Planes
4. The Advent of the Jet
5. Other Stories
6. Until the End
Pan Am Firsts
Map: First Flight Across the Pacific

See also: Memories of My Life with Pan American Airways

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Format: Paperback,  290pp
ISBN: 0000000000
Publisher: Clipper Press
Pub. Date: 1996
Item No: 0000-1

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