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Pan Am's First Lady
The Diary of Betty Stettinius Trippe

Betty Stettinius Trippe


Paladwr Press is privileged to be able to re-publish the Diary of Betty Stettinius Trippe—as it was so named when it was published privately fourteen years ago. It is a revealing and intimate account by the wife of the man who created Pan American Airways, arguably the only airline in history which, during its greatest years, completely dominated the world's airways.

This is a vivid chronology of how Juan Trippe fashioned a global network, starting with a 90-mile route; it is also a portrait of two people: an industry leader, and his wife, companion, and confidante. It is a charming account involving contact with presidents and prime ministers, countless industry leaders, even an emperor and the Pope. Above all, it is an important piece of airline history.

Foreword by Reeve Lindbergh
Publisher's Note

. 1. The Early Years: 1925-27
2. An Airline is Born: 1927-30
3. South America with the Lindberghs: 1929
4. First Across the Pacific: 1936
5. China Natonal Aviation Corporation (C.N.A.C.): 1936
6. Round the World: 1936
7. By Hindenburg to South America: 1936
8. Back Home by Sikorsky: 1936
9. Recollections of the 1930s
10. First Across the Atlantic: 1939
11. The War Years: 1939-45
12. Europe and South America: 1946
13. First Around the World: 1947
14. Post-War Vignettes: 1946-49
15. Hawaii (via Mardi Gras): 1950
16. Buenos Aires: 1950
17. Europe: 1951
18. South America (via Liberia): 1951
19. Europe and the Middle East: 1952
20. Caribbean, Central, and South America 1953-54
21. The Pacific Rim: 1956
22. South America: 1958
23. Recollections: 1952-59
24. Around the World by Jet: 1960
25. West and East Africa: 1964
26. Eastern Europe and Russia: 1966
27. The Pacific and the Far East: 1967
28. Recollections: 1961-66
29. Round the World Again: 1968

Addendum: Some of the Team Members

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Format: Hardcover,  322pp
BW Photographs
ISBN: 1888962003
Publisher: Paladwr Press
Pub. Date: 1996
Item No: 6200-3

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