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History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin

Valerie Lester



Fasten Your Seat Belt! Is the first history of an airline to be told from the viewpoint of its cabin crew Through hundreds of interviews, Valerie Lester has encouraged Pan Am's flight attendants to recount their personal dramatic, tragic, comic, and heroic stories, many of which deserve to take an honored place in the annals of air transport history. She includes accounts of the heroic deeds of the cabin crews in such incidents as the 1947 crash in the Syrian desert; the terrorism in Cairo and Rome; the last flight from Saigon; the holocaust at Tenerife; and the siege at Karachi. There are tales of the first stewards and their experiences during World War II; Pan Am's brave and resourceful first stewardesses; the first round-the-world flights (both planned and unplanned); the White House Press charters; the advents of jets—and of bigger jets; Desert Storm; and Pan Am's final, heartrending flight.

Until now, the important role that flight attendants have played in the history of civil aviation has been poorly served. Here, at last, is a book that redresses the balance.

Foreword by Jeffrey Kreindler
Author's Preface

1. The First Stewards
2. War Stories:
      Hunter Gatherers at Botwood
      The Cannonball Run
      The Long Way Home After Pearl Harbor
      Pan Am and the Naval Air Transport Service
      High Drama at Funafuti
      To Casablanca with F.D.R.
      Disastrous Loop at Lisbon
3. Women on Board:
      Pan Am's First Training Group
      Pioneering in Alaska
      Guinea Pigs in San Francisco
      Atlantic Firsts
4. Round the World
5. Life Raft in the Desert
6. Berlin
7. The Pregnant Whale:
      Some of the Rich and Famous
      Ditching by the Book
8. Surprise Swim in Jamaica
9. L'Avventura Del Quadrimotore
10. Here Come the Jets
11. Dr. Johnson
12. Angel Teacher
13. Love Is in the Air
14. White House Press Charter to Dallas
15. Two African American Experiences
16. Bigger and Bigger Jets
17. Eight Minutes to Cairo
18. Terror at Rome
19. Last Flight from Saigon
20. An Independent Union
21. Holocaust at Tenerife
22. Fiftieth Anniversary
23. The Cross, The Cushion
24. Baby on Board
25. Siege at Karachi
26. Lockerbie
27. Desert Storm
28. Water Cannons at Dinner Key

      Where Are They Now?

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Format: Hardcover,  282pp
BW Photographs
ISBN: 0962648388
Publisher: Paladwr Press
Pub. Date: September 1995
Item No: 4838-8

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