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China Clipper: The Age of the Great Flying Boats

Robert L. Gandt

During her historic flight across the Pacific in 1936, Pan Am's China Clipper captured the imagination of people around the world, and ever since her name has been endowed with mystery and nostalgia. This book evokes the romance of the era of this grand flying boat, the world's first over-ocean air transport.

Here, Robert Gandt introduces the dynamic personalities involved in the creation, life, and demise of the China Clipper and the other flying boats of her time. It is an engrossing tale of courage, struggle, intrigue, and strange alliances among some of the most famous and talented names in aviation history.

From their glamorous days as passenger planes and record-breaking transports to instruments of war to humble service as taxis for tourists, the flying boats' rise to fame and fall from glory are fully recorded. Whether this book sparks old memories or new dreams, readers will be lured by the Clipper's dramatic story.

. 1. Musick
2. Curtiss and Company
3. Extended Range
4. Boats for Hire
5. Trippe
7. Sikorsky
8. Teutonic Ambitions
9. The Latins
. 10. The Flying Forest
11. The Next Step
12. Pacific
13. Wings of Empire
14. The French Flair
15. Martin
16. China Clipper
17. Orient Express
18. Losses
19. The Right Vehicle
20. Boats of the Reich
21. American Export Airlines
22. Boeing
23. War Day
24. In Service
25. Requiem for the Big Boats
26. Dinosaurs and Might-Have-Beens
Appendix A. Line Drawings
Appendix B. Charts

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Format: Hardcover, 214pp.
ISBN: 0870212095
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Pub. Date: September 1991
Item No: 1209-5

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