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The Book of Flight: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Judith E. Rinard

Read an Excerpt.

The dream of flight is one of the oldest in human history. We read about it in ancient Greek mythology and visualize it through Leonardo da Vinci's sketches of flying machines.

The Book of Flight traces the remarkable story of the pioneers, inventors, and daring pilots who turned that dream into a reality. Based on the outstanding collections of the National Air and Space Museum, this handsome book brings to life milestones in flight history: the development of ballooning; the earliest human gliders; the Wright Brothers' first sustained flights; Charles Lindbergh's solo trip across the Atlantic; Amelia Earhart's courageous flights; Chuck Yeager's blast through the sound barrier; the Apollo astronauts' first steps onto the moon; and the building of the International Space Station.

Richly illustrated, this book takes you on an exciting journey through time. You'll watch early inventors at work, thrill to the first air races and the dogfights of World War I and II, peer inside a flying boat of the 1930s, and witness the horrific explosion of the airship Hindenburg. You'll ride in the DC-3, marvel at the technology of the stealth fighter, and experience life aboard the Space Shuttle. As you turn the pages you'll meet barnstormers and ballonists, stunt flyers and flying aces, and rocket scientists and astronauts.

More than 350 photographs and illustrations portray the development of aviation and space flight. Diagrams explain concepts such as jet propulsion and supersonic flight and depict the workings of rockets and other devices. A comprehensive glossary provides easy-to-understand explanations of technical terms.

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, with more than eight million visitors annually, is home to the world's most famous collection of historical aircraft, rockets, and space vehicles.

Judith E. Rinard is a freelance writer who worked for more than 20 years as staff writer for National Geographic. She has written extensively - both books and articles - on subjects as diverse as astronauts, whales and dolphins, and ancient cities.

The Beginning of Flight
Powered Flight: First Attempts
The Wright Brothers
Aviation Takes Off
World War I: Fighters
Flying a Fighter
World War I: Bombers
Racing for the Skies
Douglas World Cruisers
Going the Distance
Charles Lindbergh
Amelia Earhart
Airmail to Airlines
Air Transport
Flying Boats
World War II: Fighters
World War II: Battle of Britain
World War II: Bombers
World War II: War at Sea
Enola Gay
The Sound Barrier
Korea and Vietman
Modern Military Aircraft
Modern Fighters
Spy in the Sky
Jet Transport
Working Planes
Modern Record Breakers
Rockets and the Space Age
To the Edge of Space
Mercury and Gemini
Comparative Rockets
Apollo to the Moon
One Small Step
Exploring the Moon
A Different World
Homeward Bound
Space Suits
The Space Shuttle
Keeping Cool
The Glass Cockpit
Shuttle Orbiter
Space Telescope
Meeting Mir
Living in Space
Gliding Home
Space Station
Building the ISS
Research and Design
Mission to Mars
Milestones of Flight

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Format: Paperback  128pp
ISBN: 1552095991
Publisher: Firefly Books
Pub. Date: September 2001
Item No: 9599-1

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