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6420-6.gif - 22866 Bytes NOSTALGIA PANAMERICANA: Selling Romance in Color

Don Thomas

Nostalgia Panamericana:Selling Romance in Color presents collages of historic aviation art. Its focus is on the flying boats and other early aircraft of Pan American Airways, its predecessors, associates and contemporaries via colorful brochures and other publicity.

Foreword by R.E.G. Davies
. • World's First Scheduled Airline—How it All Started
• Aeromarine West Idies Airways
• Aeromarine Airways
• Pan American Airways, Inc.
• Pan American Airways System
• Panagra
• Panair Do Brasil
• New York Airways
• Antilles Air Boats
• Inter-Island Airways
• Curtis Flying Service
• Pacific MArine Airways - Western Air Express
About the Author

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Format: Paperback, 62pp.
Full Color / 9x12 inches
ISBN: 0961864206
Publisher: Nostalgic Reflections
Pub. Date: 1987
Item No: 6420-6

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