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Poor Sailor's Airline:
The Story of Kenny Friedkin's Pacific Southwest Airlines

Gary Kissel

Many an airline has been given an alternative name to match its initials; and PSA was no exception. The former British airline, B.A.O.C., was said (especially by passengers delayed at Cairo or Khartoum) to mean "Better On A Camel;" and on the North Atlantic, T.W.A. was, rather impracticably, "Try Walking Across." Some acronyms has been sarcastic, even rude; but PSA's was kinder and the description was truthful.

Foreword by R.E.G. Davies
Author's Preface and Acknowledgements

. 1. An Airline is Born
2. Growing Pains and Pleasures
3. Employees, Equipment and Electras
4. Ways and Means
5. The Sky's the Limit
6. Pulling Together
7. A Smile Is Born
8. Behind the Scenes
9. A Threat in the Skies
10. Crises and Conflicts
11. The Turning Point
12. New Management Techniques
13. Changing Times, Changing Styles
14. Reorganization and Deregulation
15. The Unthinkable
16. Adjusting to Deregulation
17. Conflicting Chiefs, Confused Indians
18. A New Airplane
19. The Writing on the Wall
20. The Smile is Gone

Statistics and Chart: Passengers Carried, Revenues,
      and Profits
PSA Aircraft Fleets

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Format: Hardcover,  339pp
BW Photographs
ISBN: 1888962186
Publisher: Paladwr Press
Pub. Date: 2002
Item No: 6218-6

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