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Clipper Dispatch
Clippers at War
Escape of the Pacific Clipper

George L. Flynn

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The Escape of Pan Am's Pacific Clipper on its maiden voyage is a true story of adventure and suspense.

In 1941, the Pacific Clipper was a technological marvel and the finest commercial plane in the air. Not only did Japan and Germany seek the capture of such desirable prize, but our Allies and friends looked for ways of laying claim to her. Trapped in New Zealand after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, with all their Pacific bases under attack or captured, the valiant crew of eleven men challenged the Imperial Japanese navy, 30,000 miles of uncharted waters, and the German Luftwaffe to try for a safe landing in America. With courage and skill, the crew of the Pacific Clipper eluded the pursuing Japanese through Australia, Indonesia, Ceylon, and India. In Iran, the Germans took up the chase through Egypt, the Congo, and Brazil. After a final stop at Trinidad, the heroic crew brought the Clipper home to New York and the final showdown.

Lead by Captain Robert Ford, the Pacific Clipper and its crew flew across continents landing on lakes and rivers that had never seen a flying boat. Without arms, money or proper maintenance facilities, and under strict radio silence, they succeeded where most would have given up or failed. Their gripping tale and magnificent odyssey is captured by George Flynn and illustrated with maps, schematics, and technical data on the revolutionary monowing seaplane.

Prologue Read It!
Opening: Tanaka's Plan
. 1. Outbound: The Last Leg
2. War
3. Going Home
4. First Stop: Darwin
5. Next Stop: Surabaja
6. No Gas for the Clipper
7. What Price Gas?
8. The Japanese Strike
9. Escape From Surabaja
10. Trincomalee
11. Tanaka's Second Chance
12. Across the Underbelly of the World:
Trincomalee to Khartoum
13. Germany Joins the Chase
14. Escape from the Congo
15. The Boys in Brazil
16. For Meets Tanaka on the East River
Persons and Places:

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Format: Paperback,  414pp
ISBN: 0828320268
Publisher: Branden Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: 1997
Item No: 2026-8

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