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Clipper Dispatch
Timmy Rides the China Clipper

Carol Nay

Illustrated by the Author

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With young Timmy Blake as the main character, the author describes the thrills of a pleasure trip on one of the world's largest airliners. Against an interesting narrative background presenting both passengers and crew of the Clipper, a full description is given of the pilots' cabin, the chart room, galley, and other features of the ship's three decks.

The author has verified all the details in her drawings of the clipper ship's construction, as well as all the technical facts contained in the narrative. These facts and details have been gone over further by the Flight Steward of Pan American Airways.

Originally published in 1939, this is a new reproduction of the same book. The book is profusely illustrated in both color and black and white.

. 1. Timmy Begins His Flight
2. A Day in Hawaii
3. On to Midway
4. Wake Island and a Mystery Story
5. A World Under Water
6. Through the Clouds to Guam
7. Christmas Eve in Manila
8. Hong Kong, Harbor of Fragrant Streams

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Format: Hardcover  96pp
ISBN: 0807579475
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Pub. Date: May 2001
Item No: 7947-5


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