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Pan Am
Vintage Pan Am
Pan Am Advertising 1929-1991

Assembled here is perhaps the largest collection of vintage ads (over 400) by and relating to Pan American World Airways to be found in one place. It has been said Pan American, second only to Coca-Cola in name recognition throughout the world, "was responsible for every significant aeronautical innovation of the twentieth century. " Claire Booth Luce once declared, "Some day a Clipper trip will be remembered as the most romantic voyage in history."

No where can evidence of why statements like these were made, be more readily seen than here in these advertisements. Beginning with an ad stating the Pan American Airways can reduce your travel time to Panama from New York City to only four dyas, to ads announcing that you can now fly to Paris in 6 hours via Clipper Jets, you can follow the progress of not only Pan American, but of commercial aviation itself for some six decades.

Vintage Pan Am is designed to be highly researchable. For example, these ads may be searched by year, destination, area, aircraft type, company, product, art, artist, notable personalities, employees, era and other times of interest such as maps, fares, magazine covers and photos. The ads can also be printed directly from the program in frameable condition by an ink jet printer.

CD One:

Advertising 1929-1953
CD Two:
Advertising 1954-1991

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Pub. Date: 2000
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